Q. What payment method do you accept?

A. We accept payments by all major credit and debit cards through our payment gateway.

Q. Do you send me an access card for my hardware?

A. No we do not. Once you have completed your order we will send you the access codes to enter into your hardware. This tells the hardware where in the world our servers are and how to communicate with them.

Q. How do I insert the access codes?

A. Depending on the hardware you have this varies, best option is to check on the tutorials which are readily available on our support forum or alternatively request information in the forum. ONLY complete purchase once you know what you are doing,

Q. Do you offer a cheaper alternative with less packages?

A. No. We only offer the one subscription option which includes all available packages.

Q. Can I re-share my access code or use it in more than 1 place?

A. No.the access code supplied will work only in one place at a time..

Q. When will I receive my access code?

A. we aim to provide your access code to you within 24 hours of receiving cleared funds from you

Q. How will you send me the access code?

A. The code will be sent to your designated email address you use when you make your payment. Please check your junk mail folder if not received within 24 hours.

Q. Do you offer refunds if I am not happy with the service?

A. No. We do not offer any refunds.

Q. How do I contact you if I have problems?

A. Support and help is readily available on our Support forum … http://www.iaccess.uk

Q. Can I contact you via email?

A. Yes you can, our email address is: [email protected] … however any support questions will only be answered with a link to the support forum.

Q. What are these access codes for? … How do I use them?

A. If you need to ask these questions then you should not make a purchase.

Q. Can I come to you in person and pay in cash?

A. No. We only accept payment through our designated payment gateway.